Training for Mountaineering: Tapering and Post-Mountain Blues
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In this episode, Steve and Alyssa welcome coach Martin Zhor onto the podcast to discuss tapering and the post-mountain blues. They discuss the dos and don'ts of tapering along with advice on the duration and types of workouts athletes should be focusing on during this time period. They also touch on the effect of travel during a taper period and how to account for altitude and acclimatization. Along with tapering, the three discuss the after period of a big climb and what happens next mentally and physically regardless of the summit success. They offer their own experiences and tips to handle the let down post-trip. Join the three in a comprehensive discussion rounding out the mountaineering training series and helping athletes reach their mountain goals. Thank you to Chase Clark for our Intro/Outro Music and Tim McClain for our sound mixing.  Please visit us at or write to us at [email protected] 
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