Trail Running Series: Base Training to Course Specialization
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Director of Coaching Chantelle Robataille and coach Alyssa Clark are back in the second episode of the trail running series. They discuss the basics of training for trail running including aerobic base building, metabolic efficiency, and proper training progression.¬† They move into discussing and debunking common myths in training for ultras. Chantelle and Alyssa wrap up with advice on specializing your training to fit your race profile and strategies. Join the two for a lively discussion of all things trail running! Visit us at, email us at [email protected] or see us on instagram @uphill_athlete¬†
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Published 09/25/23
In this episode, Alyssa sits down with coach Martin Zhor to discuss running in extreme conditions like altitude, heat and cold. They kick off with recommendations for acclimatization before racing, and different strategies to utilize depending on time and finances. They break down the higher...
Published 09/25/23
On this episode, Alyssa catches up with Registered Dietician, Rebecca Dent, to discuss proper race fueling strategies and how to perform your nutrition best in trail running. The two break down how to set up a race nutrition strategy as well as how to test this strategy in your training. Rebecca...
Published 09/11/23