Trail Running Series: John Kelly on Longevity at the Top
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Steve and Alyssa are joined by the first special guest of the trail running podcast series, John Kelly. John is a prolific runner, data scientist and father to four. He has successfully taken on everything from Ironman World Championships, fast marathons, multi day FKTs, 200 mile races and last but not least, his two time finish of Barkley Marathons.¬† The three kick off with John's experiences racing and adventuring while balancing a full time job, a family of four and the subsequent time constraints. John explains his decision making process with racing and the rates of success he expects in taking on lofty goals. They also discuss John's evolution in his relationship with competition and how he deals with failure and success. This is a conversation not to be missed with an athlete who has years of wisdom and experiences to share. You can check out John's adventures here: or find him on Instagram @randomforestrunner¬† Visit us at, email us at [email protected] or see us on instagram @uphill_athlete
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