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Episode ID:  2 Date:  Tue, Jun 26 2012 UTP-EP-2.mp3 Teaser Text:  Today on Utopiduh, Victor gets called an a*****e to his face many many times. Victor Varnado Today on Utopiduh, Victor eats pot brownies before a show and gets called an a*****e to his face many many times.
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Episode ID:  15 Date:  Sat, Jul 06 2013 UTP-EP015.mp3 Teaser Text:  Victor has a candid interview with San Francisco transplant, now New York Native Coree Spencer about insanity, dick pics, and believing in God. Victor Varnado Coree Spencer Victor has a candid interview with San Francisco...
Published 07/06/13
Episode ID:  14 Date:  Tue, Apr 16 2013 UTP-EP014.mp3 Teaser Text:  Candice, a woman Victor met on Craigslist loses a bet and has to make a public display. We stop by the Keith and The Girl Week festivities as well as a visit with Giulia Rozzi at the Women in Comedy Festival. Victor Varnado...
Published 04/16/13
Episode ID:  13 Date:  Tue, Jan 01 2013 UTP-EP013.mp3 Teaser Text:  A friend relates his first experience with a prostitue. Karen Batista talks about moving in to a New York hell hole and Victor calls the business below him to get them to turn their music down. Cameo from Ding-Ding the cat....
Published 01/01/13