Special: Communicate 2 Inspire - A Story Of How To Communicate Science In A ‘Post-Truth’ World
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   Digital Disruption and a post-truth world: Future Planning for Science Communicators In this era of digital growth and with more information than ever being readily available on digital platforms, how you present your message and cut through the noise has never been more important.  The Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year 2016 is 'post-truth'. At this year’s conference we delve into helping people in science communication to separate science from fiction.  I was invited to this conference to record each session and to produce an audio memento for each attendee to take home. Luckily, I received permission to publicly release an episode which highlights the spectacular presentations and guest speakers.  Throughout this episode you will begin to understand the current state of science communication in Australia and how to approach this societal shift. Identify your target audience; How to present yourself; How to present your content and connect with your audience and How to cut through the noise. The following speakers of this episode are:  Renae Sayers, President of Australian Science Communicators (WA Branch) Alice Ryder, Senior Project Officer, New Museum Project WA Gregor Rowbothham, Outreach and Education Officer, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) Andrew Outhwaite, Lead Facilitator, Meshpoints Australia Ullrich Ecker, Associate Professor, University of Western Australia Tim Young, Science Wrangler, Scitech If you would like to feature upon an upcoming episode of Vaguely Accurate please get in contact with us via contact@vaguelyaccurate.com or submit a form upon our website: http://vaguelyaccurate.com Vaguely Accurate supports SABBR.
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