ECR #024: Luke Daly - Space Rocks & Planetary Science
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Have you ever questioned the origins of universe? Are you curious about the beginnings of the early solar systems? If you are you should almost definitely check out this week’s episode. Luke Daly is a planetary scientist, aka cosmic geo-chemist, investigating the start of solar systems by measuring the chemical composition of meteorites. Luke has just completed his PhD at Curtin University under the mentorship of Professor Phil Bland and has made some ground-breaking discoveries in the field of planetary science. Throughout his candidateship at Curtin Luke was also part of the Desert Fireball Network – a group of researchers who travel across Australia in search of meteorites. The Desert Fireball Network has produced its own citizen science project - Fireballs in the Sky. Fireballs in the Sky is a phone app which encourages the public to get involved in science by taking images of meteors they see in the night sky. By using the data of many sightings the team being the app are able to triangulate the landing site of these space rocks and collect them. During this show we discuss the different between meteorites and meteors, how solar systems form and what research is currently being done in this field. If you have enjoyed this episode, please subscribe to us, rate & review our show. It really does help. You may also be interested to check out the other fantastic shows under the Ace Podcast Network. If you would like to feature upon an upcoming episode of Vaguely Accurate please get in contact with us via or submit a form upon our website: Vaguely Accurate supports SABBR.
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