Subramanyam, Part 4
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The story of Subramanyam continues with a yagya performed by the demons to please Shiva who grants them great power. Chanting of Tandava Stotram by Ravana.
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The story of Daksha's sacrifice and how and why Shiva created Virabhadra to destroy it
Published 08/31/09
The story of Subramanyam, from the Sri Kandha Puranam. Shiva eminates sparks from his eyes, scaring Parvati. Young Subramanyam scares both the demons and devas. Chanting of Saraswati Stotram and Sri Devi Navaratna Maalika.
Published 05/05/09
Bhairivi, The Fierce Goddess of Decay and Destruction who has 10 different forms. Chanting of Bhairivi mantras and Saraswati Dasastotrani.
Published 05/05/09