S9E112: Rob van Straten / Skytree - A Journey From Art & Army to Innovative CO2 Capture Solutions
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Prepare to set sail on a journey filled with adventure, art, and groundbreaking technology with our guest, Rob van Straten, CEO of Skytree. This episode dives deep into Rob's vibrant life, taking us from his childhood in the 80s, through his time in the army, his global sailing adventures, and leading us up to his stellar rise in the tech world. As a lover of art, Rob shares his memorable experiences from the Vermeer exhibition and the captivating stories behind some of the most iconic artworks. We also explore the intricate path that led Rob to spearhead Skytree's mission towards ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) compliance. For those keen on understanding the inner workings of the tech industry, Rob takes us through his career, shedding light on the highs and lows of sales, leadership, and business management. He openly discusses the challenges of transforming intentions into actions, particularly in the realm of responsible business practices. Rob also sets the stage for us to understand the birth and evolution of Skytree's revolutionary CO2 scrubber technology, originally designed for space but now adapted for earthly applications. Finally, we delve into the world of vertical farming and Skytree's pioneering CO2 capture technology. Rob paints a vivid picture of how his team has harnessed technology to offer a sustainable alternative to CO2 emissions. From capturing CO2 from exhausts to engineering a machine that directly extracts CO2 at a vertical farm's location, Skytree is redefining the game. Rob also introduces us to Skytree's Total Cost of Ownership tool, a unique approach that helps clients understand the real cost associated with CO2. As we conclude our time with Rob, he shares his perspective on the rising industry of vertical farming, emphasizing the importance of collaboration, faith, and understanding. So, come aboard and prepare to be enthralled by this riveting tale of technology, art, and innovation. Thanks to Our SponsorsAgTech Marketing TeamCEA Summit East Horti Agri Next MEA Key Takeaways0:00:00 - Discussion on Art and Career Journey 0:13:14 - Skytree's ESG Compliance Journey 0:28:47 - CO2 Capture Technology for Vertical Farms 0:43:26 - Insights on the Vertical Farming Industry Tweetable Quotes"We all know greenwashing is sort of an intermediate stage between awareness and really doing things. Oh, let's say we do this. We can defend that with a little bit of fantasy and you can criticize it, but it's also a step, a step in the right direction, and then public outcry on greenwashing will repair that soon, because that's the worst thing that can happen to your reputation." "There's no choice. But it's difficult because of our climate issue and there's no job anymore. But the difficulty is always that it's easy to talk about what we should do. It's difficult to change your own behavior. But recently we see recognition that actually the world will survive, the planet will survive, but it's people that will be in trouble." "I just saw the opportunity and maybe that blindsided me a little bit for the risk, you know. Then, yeah, I mean you dive into it because you think you know it's a gut feel we can make this work." Resources MentionedRob's Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/robvanstraten Rob's Website - https://www.skytree.eu/ Rob's Email - a href="mailto:robvan[email protected]" rel="noopener noreferrer"...
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