Episode 163: The SwayStories Response
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bonus episodes: https://patreon.com/veryreallygood  FOLKS! This week, we go over the exchange I had with the OFFICIAL Sway Stories TikTok page after my video about them, we take a look at the Super Mario movie casting, we then talk about a troubling article and some tree facts, and I also give some advice! enjoy! Follow Me: https://instagram.com/kurtisconner/  https://twitter.com/kurtisconner  https://youtube.com/user/kurtisconner  #veryreallygood
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Published 11/24/21
BONUS EPISODES: https://patreon.com/veryreallygood  This week, we sit down with Weston Banning; the actor who played Danny Jr. in the smash hit "Goblin"! If you haven't watched my video about Goblin, I highly recommend you watch it before watching this episode:...
Published 11/10/21
Published 11/10/21