Gorilla glue, co-morbidities of being a fat pet and everything you want to know about patella luxations
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We are back with a great interview with Dr. Karen Perry from Michigan State University, discussing everything you always wanted to know about patella luxations in dogs and cats. I also discuss a great article about gorilla glue and what happens when a dog (cats would never do that!) eats it. Last but not least, some news about cannabis usage and fat pet risks.
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And we are back! We discuss c chronic otitis externa in the cat thanks to a great article in JFMS and have a great interview with Dr. Ameet Singh about why checklists are so important in human and veterinary surgery. So excited that we are on a roll again
Published 07/11/21
Published 07/11/21
In this exciting podcast, we speak with Dr. Nick Bacon from the UK about the efficiency of CTs in diagnosing soft tissue sarcoma metastasis. Nick explains to us that it is not always useful to do a CT and tells us when we should and should not spend our money on CTs. We also discuss a UK article...
Published 01/30/21