Ep38: ISLAND OF THE DEAD (Etienne Regia)
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The crew find themselves with some time to kill on The Maiden's Revenge before arriving at a mysterious island of lost souls, whisky bars and the HQ of the Dawn Shield - the secret organisation of Changelings that Sally is seemingly destined to be part of. Khattayab gets carving, Gwathren shares his knowledge, Sally faces her past (and future) and Archie has a frustrating encounter with a shipmate. Enjoy x Vicky's World is broadcast LIVE on twitch.tv/VickysWorldRPG, facebook.com/VickysWorldRPG and our YouTube channel (Vicky's World RPG) every Thursday at 7pm BST. BECOME A TASTY SANDWICH! Head over to ko-fi.com/VickysWorldRPG to buy us a Natural 20 and gain some exclusive perks such as having your name incorporated into our adventure! Join our Discord server! https://discord.gg/ScqR7F6eCP If you like our show, please leave us a review and tell your mates. Support your favourite rollocking role-players! Our Instagrams: Vicky - @vic.hawley Talal - @talalaban Jon - @50_shades_of_gracey Dan - @dansimpsonpoet Bea Watts (Artist) - @pink.ink.art AMBA SDF (Logo) - @SoDamnFresh1 Twitters: Vicky - @VicHawley Talal - @talalaban Jon - @JonGracey Dan - @DanSimpsonPoet Sasha - @SashaKEllen   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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Tom Burgess from No Rolls Barred joins the Jon and Talal as member of The Royal Draconic Society as they travel across Forge to rescue a Sapphire Dragon from the clutches of an evil mining company. As always, nothing is ever that simple. Things get in the way, such as various beasties, past...
Published 10/21/21
Published 10/21/21
Thanks so much for listening to the finale of the third arc of Vicky's World! The gang find themselves in an extremely precarious position: As the God Journey begins the ritual to exchange his life for his twin sister, Hearth's, they hear the arrival of The Regent's Company downstairs at the...
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