Laser fundamentals III: Single-frequency argon laser
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Demonstration of the operation of an argon ion laser Demonstration of the broad spectrum from an argon laser using an optical spectrum analyzer Demonstration of single-frequency operation using an intracavity etalon ....
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Demonstration of multiple beam interference using a plane mirror cavity in transmission with a mirror separation of 3 mm and a diverging incident beam Demonstration of multiple beam interference in reflection using the same cavity ....
Published 06/15/12
Demo of fluorescence induced by a tunable dye laser in a cell of molecular iodine Simultaneous display of the color of the dye laser and the color of the iodine fluorescence as a function of laser tuning...
Published 04/12/12
Demonstration of the excitation of atomic sodium in a heated cell by a tunable dye laser Observation of intense radiation from the sodium vapor when the laser is on resonance with a ground state transition in sodium
Published 04/12/12