Hanging Out With Celebrities
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On this week's show... David talks us through what it was like to attend the Teen Choice Awards with Liza; Jason attempts to be friendly with David's celebrity neighbor; David helps Liza meet a hero of hers at a movie premiere while accidentally upsetting a member of said hero's family. Also, the guys share their thoughts on the live show they did this past weekend and, against all odds, Jason got a second chance to give a woman, from a flight he was on, his number! Welcome to VIEWS.
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The guys talk about a man who had sex with 20,000 people, Jason exposes David's magic tricks and David hates his Christmas tree. Plus, Natalie recaps her birthday weekend, Scott talks about losing a ton of money on tour, and the guys discuss whether size matters.
Published 12/06/19
David and Jason head to David's hometown and are joined by David's high school friends. They talk about their late circumcisions, the biker gang they rode in, and the girl that got away from David. Plus, Natalie's birthday surprise, David presents at the AMA's, and it might be time to sell the...
Published 11/29/19
David donates $15,000, Jason makes excuses about his hygiene and David checks his bank account. Plus, the guys think Joe is dating out of his league, Dima’s multiple job firings and the Teeny Weeny returns!
Published 11/21/19