Hanging Out With Celebrities
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On this week's show... David talks us through what it was like to attend the Teen Choice Awards with Liza; Jason attempts to be friendly with David's celebrity neighbor; David helps Liza meet a hero of hers at a movie premiere while accidentally upsetting a member of said hero's family. Also, the guys share their thoughts on the live show they did this past weekend and, against all odds, Jason got a second chance to give a woman, from a flight he was on, his number! Welcome to VIEWS.
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David hosts Teen Choice and meets Robert Downey Jr., Jason talks about a sexual escapade from his past and gets even better at David's new Nickelodeon show. Plus, Jason tries to convince David to come to his standup tour, David chats with Jack Black, and Joe joins with another hot Teeny Weeny. 
Published 08/15/19
Natalie has an intense dream, Jason almost gets run over at Lollapalooza, and producer Benny Blanco swings by for quick interview about his fear of flying. Plus, David continues to marvel at the amazing treatment on his TV show, and the Teeny Weeny returns after a long absence. 
Published 08/08/19
Jason and David head to Lollapalooza. Jason writes his daughter a long letter on the plane and stands up to the annoying passenger next to him. David talks about people staring at him while he sleeps and discusses an award show he's getting ready to host. 
Published 08/03/19