We Apologize for Being Idiots
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On this week's show... The guys run into a few issues while trying to talk current events, Trisha had a traumatic bathroom experience, and Jason is going to be doing stand up! Also, David and Jason take you behind the scenes of David's vlog, talking through an idea they had involving Jason, a casino, and a Ferrari. Welcome to VIEWS. Check out Jason and David's vlogs, here: David's YouTube Channel Jason's YouTube Channel And buy merch HERE
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David and Jason are back with another great podcast! On this week's show...David talks about the highly sexual sleepovers he had as a boy and Jason recounts what it's like to take kids on an airplane. Plus, the guys call Jason's ex-wife, go to a Tesla event and talk about David's shoot with Kylie...
Published 03/21/19
On this weeks show...David has a personal trainer now, and Jason remembers when he used to be in great shape. Also, a group of girls wouldn't stop touching David's butt, a shockingly good episode of JTWP, and the guys love being friends with John Stamos.Welcome to VIEWS.Check out Jason and...
Published 03/15/19
On this weeks show...The guys talk about their drive back from Sacramento and the song that’s too painful for David to listen to.  Plus, everyone but David had sex in high school, Jason’s kids refuse chores and David meets a YouTuber who he used to idolize.Welcome to VIEWS.Check out Jason and...
Published 03/09/19