Dirty Texting in High School
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On today’s show...David has a heart to heart with the listeners and Jason reminisces about the day David almost pulled the plug on the podcast. Plus, David films an episode of “MTV Cribs,” Jason talks about his first kiss, and the guys finally have an opinion on something.Welcome to VIEWS.Check out Jason and David's vlogs, here:David's YouTube ChannelJason's YouTube ChannelAnd buy merch HERE
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The guys rehash their Coachella weekend, David's car guy helps him get down the price on his new Ferrari and Natalie might be slowly poisoning David.  Plus, Jason is sad his kids are gone for five days and David tries his best to give him advice. And David meets one of the world's most famous...
Published 04/18/19
David and Jason discuss a strange incident that happened the other night, personal questions about where David sees his relationship status in a few years, Jason has a bone to pick with David, and Joe has a special guest for his episode. 
Published 04/12/19
David and Jason talk about their last minute trip to Las Vegas and the awkward moment they had on the airplane.  Plus, David critiques Jason’s standup, David almost buys Jason a dog and the reason LAPD are now David’s best friends. Also, David’s friend Reggie talks about coming out to his family....
Published 04/05/19