Dirty Texting in High School
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On today’s show...David has a heart to heart with the listeners and Jason reminisces about the day David almost pulled the plug on the podcast. Plus, David films an episode of “MTV Cribs,” Jason talks about his first kiss, and the guys finally have an opinion on something.Welcome to VIEWS.Check out Jason and David's vlogs, here:David's YouTube ChannelJason's YouTube ChannelAnd buy merch HERE
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On today’s show...David talks about getting into Diplo and Dan Blizerian's parties. Also, the guys share their thoughts on Valentine's Day and still can't believe they saw someone watching porn in the library,Plus, Joe gives David and Jason a disgusting Valentine's Day gift that makes David want...
Published 02/15/19
On this week's show...David and Jason welcome their friend Jeff on the podcast  to talk about his dark past and the difference between jail and prison.  Plus, Jason was scammed in Puerto Rico, David almost bought Alex a truck instead of a Tesla and Natalie and David try and talk some sense into...
Published 02/01/19
On this week's show...The guys share their thoughts on the Fyre Festival docs. Also, David is kind of scared of Natalie, there are people out there who LOVE Joe's Teeny Weeny Podcast, an update on Jason's penis, and David thinks Jason's kids should have chores.Welcome to VIEWS.Check out Jason and...
Published 01/24/19