David Crashed His Ferrari
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David mourns the death of a squirrel, Jason chaperone's his son's jazz field trip, and David cancels on his trainer.Plus, Jason proposes an idea to help women everywhere, David loves playing with Scott's boobs and we get an update on David's DACA situation. Lastly, David's new Ferrari is going to cost $10,000 to fix.
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Jason talks about his dinner with his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, David considers replacing Jason with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the guys talk about taking a break from each other. Also, Joe gets his first ad read, David tells us about Kayne West’s creative process and Jason tells an epic story...
Published 05/16/19
David explains the importance of the concept of “deadass,“  Jason dents David’s Ferrari, and the guys run into the “Deez Nuts” guy.  Plus, Jason blows his chance for an Oscar, David questions the health app on Jason’s phone, and the guys ponder what superhero they would be. Also, David runs into...
Published 05/02/19
Fresh off their night at a big Hollywood premiere, David and Jason talk about going to the Avengers premiere and how it wasone of the best nights of their lives. The guys talk about the movie (no spoilers), about meeting Paul Rudd and how a certain movie star took David’s breath away.  Plus,...
Published 04/26/19