David and Jason go to Prison
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David and Jason talk about picking up Jeff's friend from prison and how being on the inside has changed him. Plus, the guys trade YMCA locker room stories, Jason thinks people fart in France and David tells of an awesome prank he pulled off in high school.
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David and Jason head to Chicago to do some charity work and share a hotel room, David gets in the water business and Jason talks to his son about the tooth fairy. Plus, Natalie continues to up her snacking game, David talks about filming his friends wedding and the guys interview Jeff about his...
Published 09/20/19
David and Jason welcome Nick Lachey to talk about being a pop star, Nick's first impressions of David and their new show "America's Most Musical Family." Also, Jason hangs out with his ex wife's boyfriend, David picks up Zane drunk, and the guys talk to Dillon Francis about what it's like being a...
Published 09/12/19
David hits a party with a famous musician, Jason has a heart to heart with his daughter, and Natalie gets blamed for the plumbing problem in the house. Plus, David's friend Reggie gets circumcised, how to deal with a bully, and Corinna gets some girl-on-girl action.  
Published 09/07/19