Live From Nashville: Yelp Reviews
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"I had the time of my life at the Violating Community Guidelines Live Show in Nashville, Tennessee. The jokes they told about Yelp Reviews were so funny I peed my pants three times. 5/5 stars." YouTube Channel: VCG TikTok: Brittany's TikTok: Brittany's Twitter: Brittany's Instagram: Brittany's YouTube: Sarah's TikTok: Sarah's Twitter: Sarah's Instagram: Sarah's YouTube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Welcome to the chain, we are your hosts Sarah Schauer and Kendahl Landreth! Join us on the thread as we take a deep dive into the internet, discuss new titillating topics every week, and maybe even CC in some special guests for their opinions on the action! Which one of YOUR parents is an A-list...
Published 02/20/23
'Tis the season! So let's celebrate the last show of the tour, live from Los Angeles, as Brittany and Sarah present their Holiday Gift Guide –– YouTuber Edition.  YouTube Channel: VCG TikTok:...
Published 12/23/22