Exploring the healthy ageing opportunity in China
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Understanding how a shift in consumer mindset presents new opportunities to nutraceutical brands, and guidance for EU/UK brands looking to enter this market. Accelerated through the pandemic, consumers in China are more dedicated to healthy ageing than ever before—including an increasing base of younger consumers proactively addressing prevention. Within the ageing category, inner beauty is a particular area of interest driving new launches in edible beauty products. Additionally, sleep and general anxiety management through dietary supplementation is seeing significant uptake. Tune into this podcast with Zarina Kanji, Tmall Business Development lead for Health and Wellness and Food and Beverage Brandshttps://www.alibaba.com (, Alibaba Group Europe), to learn more about: How Chinese consumer attitudes toward ageing have shifted over the past few years, including through the COVID-19 pandemic Defining healthy ageing and positioning the category for wider demographic appeal Examples of UK and Nordic companies seeing success in the Chinese market Key considerations for EU and UK-based nutraceutical brands looking to launch into China
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