Examining the concept of sustainable nutrition
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Exploring how the nutraceutical industry can and must achieve health for both people and planet. The importance of sustainability is increasingly recognised by the nutraceutical community, and sustainability is on the agenda of consumers, government and nutraceutical brands and manufacturers around the world. But what exactly constitutes a sustainable diet, and how can consumers, brands and ingredients companies find a necessary unity between dietary and planetary health? In a conversation spanning food security, sustainable food systems and corporate responsibility, Vitafoods Insights spoke to founder and director of sustainable food consultancy, Mark Driscoll, about his concept of ‘sustainable nutrition’. Tune in to learn about: A definition of ‘sustainable nutrition’ How to educate consumers on the importance of sustainable diets Why collaboration across the supply chain is essential in revolutionising the way we see functional food and nutraceuticals Whether the plant-based movement is the solution to both malnutrition and climate change Innovation in the nutraceutical industry that is paving the way for more sustainable food systems
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