Transparency guidance for food supplement brands
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Unpacking the developments driving forward a trusted supply chain. There’s increasing buzz around transparency as consumers and supply chain stakeholders alike push for full disclosure of ingredient origins and product manufacturing. But the definition of transparency for food supplement brands, and importantly, what a ‘transparent’ reality looks like for end consumers still requires some fine tuning. New technologies are making it possible to turn transparency into reality, but will brands invest? As part of (Vitafoods Europe 2021,) Len Monheit, CEO at Trust Transparency Center, will be delivering a presentation about the evolution of transparency within the industry, consumer data and understanding, and highlighting how companies can practically build transparency into their supply chain to connect science, business and consumer. In this podcast, hear about: How transparency is defined in the eyes of Trust Transparency Center The consumer expectation—from ingredient sourcing, to ethical manufacturing, to smallholder farmer welfare Unpacking the concepts of ‘supply chain redundancy’ and ‘supply chain repatriation’ Presentation overview ahead of (Vitafoods Europe 2021) Interested in attending? Register for (Vitafoods Europe 2021) and discover Len Monheit’s session on Friday 1 October 2021. If you do like the show, make sure to subscribe and follow the (Vitafoods Insights podcast). Feel free also to recommend the show to a friend that you think would enjoy it. For more content from Vitafoods Insights, make sure to check our website: (
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