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I don’t know about y’all but looking back at super difficult situations and realising that you’re slowly learning to be gentler with yourself and attempting to heal from your past trauma is the one of the MOST fulfilling feelings EVER. There’s nothing like it and I’ve got a new found appreciation for anyone going through their self growth journey because it’s not easy whatsoever but we’re still doing it!!!! We’re still going no matter how hard it gets!!! Were still giving ourself grace because it gets really freakin hard and sometimes we’re not going to be doing as amazing as we usually do but it’s okay because we realise we’re human beings and our inconsistencies are the only consistent thing about us and the thing that make us most human!!! I’m so proud of us!!! Ps I should mention I’m not qualified in any sense this is just me trying to manoeuvre through all these different emotions and stresses and sharing it with you in case you are too so we can hopefully help each other out :) --- Send in a voice message:
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This is a longer one but I'm sure you will love it considering I was cracking up all throughout the recording and editing this episode. A huge HUGE thank you for coming on Caren!! She's obviously killed it and I'll just be sat here praying she agrees to come on again after she's now seen so much...
Published 10/17/21
Published 10/17/21
Sometimes things get hard but I hope today, I can serve as a reminder that whatever you're going through, it's never permanent; and if you aren't feeling so great I hope you can utilize some of the tips we went through today :) take care my lovely! xx --- Send in a voice message:...
Published 10/10/21