Insights from the heart with Yoga Girl – Interview with Rachel Brathen
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140: For this week's podcast, Wanda is very excited and happy to welcome Rachel Brathen as a guest. Rachel is an international recognized yoga teacher, New York Times best-selling author and founder and CEO of Yoga Girl®. Get to know Rachel while she talks to Wanda about her life in Aruba and the big change of moving to Sweden, the transition of her own Yoga Girl version while she was in Aruba and the one she is right now, as well as the ever beautiful but also challenging role of motherhood. Rachel is also sharing her daily routines, how they are changing with the seasons and how important emotional release is as a base self-care practice. Learn from Rachel, how it is possible to speak from your heart and how not to be affected by the inner or outer critic. She also talks about her understanding of success and the importance of rest for all of us. **More about Rachel and her work:** **Instagram:** @yoga_girl ( **Podcast:** - Yoga Girl: Conversations from the heart ( ( - Yoga Girl daily (, ( **Biography of Rachel:** Rachel started incorporating yoga into her everyday life in Costa Rica, after graduating from school, and began teaching yoga full time when she settled to Aruba in early 2010. 7 years later, she opened together with her husband Dennis “Island Yoga“ – the largest yoga studio in the Caribbean and within these years, she developed a social media presence with more than 2 Million followers. In her teaching, the main lesson is, that asana is only a small piece of the work done in the yoga shala. She incorporates holistic therapeutic tools like sharing, active listening, journaling and there is a deep level of heart healing at the center of every class she is giving. Now Rachel is back living in her home country, Sweden, seeking contentment and spending her days with her husband and their daughter, Lea, and their three dogs. **You can find out more about Wanda here:**
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