Ep 46: Declutter and Organize - The Differences You Need to Know
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There’s been so much talk of home organization recently with the new Get Organized with The Home Edit show on Netflix, but there are some critical steps that you don’t get to see behind the scenes. Most of us have used decluttering and organizing interchangeably in the past. We think we declutter when we just organize all of our stuff. Or we say we’re getting organized when we are really sorting though our belongings, but not grouping or categorizing them. But, as I have continued to dive into, sort, toss, donate, and purge my stuff I have noticed there are stark differences between these methods. That’s why we’re looking at the differences between home organization and decluttering and what you really need to know about the two. This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will help you discover: - The main differences between decluttering and organizing - The best order to conquer your home clutter so that you save time, energy and money - When home organizing became a thing (it might surprise you!) - What I thought was missing from The Home Edit TV show - How minimalism fits into it all
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