Ep 59: Ditch Asking What if I Need This when Decluttering
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Imagine this…you’re decluttering your home and pick up an object that you’re not really attached to. You haven’t used recently and it doesn’t really spark joy so you’re planning to donate it. But then, your mind suddenly stops you and you hear a voice asking, “but, what if I need it?” In that moment you find yourself running through all kinds of scenarios when this object will be the one thing you need on a very specific day (that to be honest probably won’t happen), but now you are second guessing giving that item away. If that sounds familiar, it’s okay. We’ve all had our minds race to find situations when we can use the items we are decluttering. However, it’s time we ditched the age-old question of, “but, what if I need this?” and ask one of these 10 different questions instead. These 10 questions, or different angles, will help you see your item in it’s true light so you can better evaluate if it deserves to take up the precious space in your home and in your mind. This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will help you discover: - 10 new questions to ask to help you declutter your items - How to distinguish between needs and wants - Why people are pushing back on minimalism and how to find a happy balance - A hack that helps anyone having a hard time with the decision fatigue that comes with decluttering - A revolutionary truth that may be the key to unlocking your ability to fully declutter your space
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