Ep 62: Lessons From Living Tiny That'll Surprise You
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Do you watch those Tiny Living shows on HGTV or browse tiny homes on Instagram and dream of living small yourself? The homes look so quaint and relaxing and the people living in them swear they are like a secret to finding happiness. I have always been curious about the movement myself and wanted to see what it was really like. The best way to see what it’s like is to try it on for size and that’s exactly what we did!This summer I embarked on a tiny living experiment with my husband, our daughter, and my parents. While we did not live in the RV long term - and I do not live with my parents in regular life - we did live in it long enough to get a good idea of what full time living would be like. These are the top 10 lessons I learned from living tiny that I am taking into my everyday life of living as a wannabe minimalist. Some you are probably expecting, but some may come as a surprise. This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will help you discover: - What it’s really like to live tiny as a family - The most important thing to remember when living tiny - Why living tiny may not be for everyone - How to see through what others are saying to find what you really want - A simple hack that works for every home - not just tiny ones.
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