Ep 63: There are 2 ways to declutter. Which is best for you?
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Have you struggled to declutter and organize your home and life in the past? Perhaps you were just using the wrong techniques. Just like we all have different innate personalities, there are ways to tidy up that come more naturally to each person. Along my journey to living a better life with less stuff, I have discovered two main ways people declutter and organize the stuff the own, the spaces they live in, and their social lives. The first is editing the stuff you have by removing the unnecessary and the second is curating what you keep by only allowing in the items you care about in the first place. Neither is better than the other and it’s important to use the techniques and strategies that work best for you. When you use the proper option for your personality, decluttering and organizing becomes so much easier. You can stop fighting against your natural tendencies and finally make progress. Today’s episode will not only walk you through the differences between editing and curating your things, but will also show you how to use the techniques in 6 distinct areas of your home and life so you can put them into practice right away. This episode of the Wannabe Minimalist Show will help you discover: - How editing and curating relate to being an introvert and extrovert - Why it’s so important to declutter and organize based on your personality - What to do so you can make progress and quickly tidy up - A look at 6 distinct areas where you can use editing or curating in your life - Whether Marie Kondo and The Minimalists are editors or curators
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