Thinking inside the box
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Jasper hosts this episode of the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Podcast, with Guy, Mark and Chris he discusses the merits of playing 'a game in a box', that is, buying a game with the rules and everything to go with it in one package. Also in this episode, Guy talks to Graham Davey, the publisher of the new game 02 Hundred Hours. Links: 02 Hundred Hours (Grey For Now Games) The Last Samurai Rebellion (Osprey) The Men Who Would Be Kings (Osprey) Fighting the Dragon Xenos Rampant (Osprey)
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On the back of Jasper and Guy's wargaming Operation Market Garden at the Hartenstein Hotel Airborne Museum in Arnhem, Jasper talks to Kelly McManus and Jared Fishman from HMGS Next Gen Gaming. Kelly works for Dey Mansion, and with Jared's help, he organised a games day at the museum.   ...
Published 11/07/22
In the latest episode of the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Magazine podcast Guy and Jasper tell us about their Operation Market Garden game in Arnhem with the Too Fat Lardies. In the news, Guy brings us the latest releases and then has a chat with Bob and Brad from bobmac 3d. The team then...
Published 10/04/22
Published 10/04/22