A Knight at the Museum
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On the back of Jasper and Guy's wargaming Operation Market Garden at the Hartenstein Hotel Airborne Museum in Arnhem, Jasper talks to Kelly McManus and Jared Fishman from HMGS Next Gen Gaming. Kelly works for Dey Mansion, and with Jared's help, he organised a games day at the museum.   Links DeyDey Mansion Washington's Headquarters, 1780 HMGS Next Gen Gaming In The Grand Manner Hail Caesar Rubicon Full Spectrum Dominance Battlezone Forlorn Hope
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The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team are back with the first episode of 2023. The chaps discuss their plans for 2023. Links Phase Line: Black power Red Earth Never Mind the Billhooks Deluxe Atlantic Digital MyMiniFactory Only-Games.co  
Published 01/03/23
Published 01/03/23
We're closing in on the end of the year, so to change things up, Mark decided to test the depth of the military history knowledge of the WS&S podcast team members. Unfortunately, he only managed to expose the height of their ignorance... Guy also has a round-up of the latest releases that...
Published 12/07/22