"It is essential for us that players play in Europe" - Dejan Udovičić
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In this new second part of our talk with Dejan we discuss about the structure and challenges when he joins the US. And you will learn why it could be important to collect medals for your coaching career. What's the most important point for the next weeks, months and years before everyone will travel to the Olympics in Paris 2024.
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Published 10/22/22
Alex joined his new club in Paris this season and he give us some more insights why this was the right step. For him, for the US Waterpolo Team and the frensh league. What are Alex thoughts about his first Olympics and where are the differences between the fist and maybe the sceond time. Who is...
Published 10/22/22
We're going into the next episode of the podcast with Alex and we're again able to welcome an internationally well-known guest. As a player who has played in many European leagues he can provide a wealth of insight and share his experiences. But it's also about the difference between being...
Published 10/15/22