S04 E07: Setting Healthy Boundaries and Leading Yourself with Sara McCabe, Leadership Coach
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Today on the podcast, we welcome Sara McCabe, business coach, consultant, box-breaker, and not-so-secret dancer. After spending over a decade leading and developing teams across North America, she left the corporate world to help creative entrepreneurs work and lead in a way that actually works for them. Sara is Mitzi’s personal business coach or, as Mitzi likes to say, her ‘business therapist’ and, in this episode, she shares some of her business consulting strategies, coaching skills, and advice for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to start building the business they want. We discuss the antidote to your unhealthy relationship with work, how to set boundaries and create space for creativity, as well as intrinsic motivation and how that translates to your values as a person and a business leader. Anyone who works within a team or leads a team will gain immense value from this episode, but everyone will benefit from Sara’s specific brand of candid insight, goofy anecdotes, and practical advice. After all, it’s not just about leading a team; it’s also about leading yourself. Tune in today! Key Points From This Episode: An introduction to Sara McCabe and how she found coaching by asking ‘why?’Why Sara’s definition of coaching involves treating the people she works with as the experts.How she empowers her clients to redefine leadership for themselves through collaboration.Making an ethos tangible by shaping systems and structures around it.Hear the story of when Sara decided to pursue leadership coaching full-time.Why you can’t lead a team or a business if you don’t truly understand yourself.Learn about her digital presence and why she chose to represent herself candidly.What she has learned about boundaries; the antidote to an unhealthy relationship with work.Hear about some of her personal boundaries, including keeping her work laptop in her office.Find out why she suggests checking in with yourself before engaging with content.Sara shares how she uses a Notion dashboard to plan her TikTok content.Some deeper insight into her TikTok content strategy, including how she scripts’ the hook’.TikTok versus Instagram communities and why Sara prefers the intimacy of Instagram.Where Sara has seen the best ROI in her marketing strategy; TikTok for growth, Instagram for building relationships, newsletters for launching.How she remains consistent in her offerings by redefining what ‘consistency’ mean to her.Sara elaborates on the importance of building systems that are conducive with who you are and what you want to create.Why clearly defining your values is key to help you make decisions and build your business.Intrinsic motivation and how it translates to your values as a person and a business leader.Defining your values as a business versus as a team; shaping company culture at scale.Who is making waves and why: Lillian ‘FlexMami’ Ahenkan and Maceo Paisley. Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Sara McCabe Sara McCabe on LinkedIn Sara McCabe on Instagram Sara McCabe on TikTok Launch It – Discount Code: WAVES Notion Lillian ‘FlexMami’ Ahenkan on Instagram FlexMami The Success Experiment Maceo Paisley
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