S04 E08: Looking Inward and Going Global with Sophie Gray, Founder of DiveThru
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Despite being an experienced flyer at the peak of her career, a panic attack brought on by the prospect of another plane journey changed Sophie Gray's life forever. Instead of getting on the plane, Sophie and her husband tackled the long trip home in a car while the panic attacks continued. It was then that she realized that she needed to change something. After setting out to learn about her own mental wellbeing, she founded DiveThru, a mental wellness platform that partners with mental health professionals to help people take charge of their mental well-being. In this episode, Sophie opens up and shares how she came to start DiveThru and we hear about how the platform separates itself from others in the space. Our conversation dives into Sophie's experience as a female tech founder and what it has been like raising capital, DiveThru's marketing and SEO strategies, and advice for those looking to launch or grow their own startup. Tune in to hear it all!   Key Points From This Episode: Get to know today's guest, Sophie Gray, and the circumstances that led her to launch DiveThru. What happened after the panic attack that changed Sophie’s life, and the decisions she made after. Sophie's advice for those who feel like they might be headed toward burnout. How Sophie achieved early success on Instagram. What DiveThru offers and the unique services the platform offers. Sophie’s perspective on toxic positivity, and what it really means to  take care of your mental health. How Sophie feels about being a tech founder, a title she was reluctant to hold. Sophie's experience fundraising and the challenges she has faced. Advice for those who are looking to raise funds for their startups. Strategies that DiveThru has used to drive adoption. DiveThru's SEO strategy and the results that this has produced. Why the company decided to create a podcast network. What the DiveThru team looks like currently and the roles they occupy. The fulfillment Sophie feels from building a truly healthy workplace. DiveThru's reach and the markets they have set their sights on. Why it is so important that most of DiveThru is free. The distinction that set DiveThru apart from competitors. Who Sophie thinks is making waves. Tweetables:  “We often think that our mind is overthinking; we know we're anxious and we can label it, but when have we actually paused and enquired about that feeling?” — @iamsophiegray [0:11:42] “It's interesting to see how the industry I come from isn't necessarily respected in the way that other backgrounds are in tech.” — @iamsophiegray [0:25:17] “Get very clear on the mission of your company, what you're looking to accomplish because you will face so much rejection that you need to be able to validate yourself.” — @iamsophiegray [0:30:37] “For us, mental health access is the number one priority.” — @iamsophiegray [0:43:52]   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:  Sophie Gray DiveThru The Power of Now Whitney Wolfe Herd
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