Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Dr. Kathleen Vazzana. Kathleen is a Pediatric Rheumatologist, an avid runner, a marathoner, and a RunDisney Dopey Challenge finisher!! This year she will have completed all races in all four RunDisney Weekends. Kathleen has several great tips to get you through the Dopey Challenge or any long distance challenge! She is incredibly smart, fun, and always ready to put a costume on to race! You can follow Kathleen on IG @theunicornontherun
Published 05/24/22
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I have the privilege to talk with running legend, Jeff Galloway! Jeff is an All-American collegiate athlete, a member of the 1972 US Olympic Team, a best selling author, and he is the founder of the Galloway Run/Walk/Run Program! If you are a RunDIsney Runner then you know Jeff Galloway! Jeff is the official RunDisney trainer and wrote all the training plans for each race and challenge! You can find him at the expo or on the course during the different...
Published 05/10/22
Published 05/10/22
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Tara Logue! Tara was a guest on Episode 7 and she returns to the show as a MARATHONER to talk about running motivation and why its hard to sometimes get out there! Tara is so fun, incredibly candid, and did I mention a she's a MARATHONER?!!!! You can follow Tara on instagram @runlikeaplusmama and @taralogue
Published 03/16/22
Today's guest is funny, genuine, super nice, and a professional runner for The North Face! If you know RunDisney, then you know The Dopey Challenge... and if you know The Dopey Challenge then you know Brittany Charboneau!! Brittany recently ran The Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World's Marathon Weekend and she set the challenge record by winning all 4 races with a total of 48.6 miles. Brittany can be found on Instagram @funnyrunner26.2 Brittany is a running coach @mercuriarunning To plan...
Published 02/08/22
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with RunDisney Legends - that's right legends - Steve and Megan Wickham! I totally think these two are amazing! They have run all but one of the RunDisney Dopey Challenges! This year Steve and Megan ran as a family of three as they are expecting and Megan ran the Challenge 7 months pregnant!! Personally I think she should receive an additional medal for that! Steve and Megan can be found on Instagram: Steve: @wickstagram Megan: @thesaltypineapple_
Published 02/04/22
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Allison Richter. Allison is a wife, mom, and an avid marathoner! She has definitely run a few - like over 50, one in each state!! Allison is now a proud member of the 50 State Club! Allison's goal was to accomplish 50 marathons in 50 states before she turned 50 and she completely conquered that goal! Allison can be found on Instagram @a_richter_runner
Published 01/24/22
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I speak with Michelle Baird. Michelle is a mom, runner, a huge Disney fan, and a police officer in Ottawa, Canada. In this episode Michelle and I talk about runner safety. She shares tips to keep us safe on the run, as well as her favorite pieces of safety gear. We talk all things marathons, especially her 2021 October marathons! Wow! Michelle can be found on Instagram @mabrunner19
Published 12/28/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I welcome back Wendy Larsen, Boston Marathon Champion! Wendy recently returned from the 125th Boston Marathon where she captured the title of Female Handcycle Champion!! On this episode Wendy recounts her Boston Marathon experience and shares what's next for her! Wendy is a champion on and off the course and you are going to love hearing from her again! You can follow Wendy on Instagram @disneyhandcyclist and on Facebook at Wendy Larsen - Handcyclist
Published 11/30/21
On this episode of the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Amy Golblirsch. Amy is a marathoner and a registered dietitian. On this episode Amy answers listener questions about fueling on the run! Before we talk about the topic of fueling and nutrition, remember to always ask your own physician or dietician before starting a new way of fueling or altering what you currently have in place. What works for one person, doesn't always work for everyone. Amy is incredibly smart, insightful, and was...
Published 11/23/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I have the privilege to talk with Estrella Contreras! Estrella is a Marathoner, a Run Disney Dopey finisher, and an icon in the Run Disney Community. Today Estrella shares her personal journey with running and she gives us a recap of Run Disney's first post-pandemic race weekend - Wine and Dine! If you don't already know Estrella, you are going to love her! You can follow Estrella on Instagram @fairytalerunner
Published 11/15/21
Today On the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Sandy Johnson! Sandy started her running journey to get healthy and it has now become her passion! As a long distance runner, Sandy just completed her first World Major, the Chicago Marathon! In this episode we talk about running a virtual vs. a in person marathon. We also discuss all the variables of running a World Major including field size, crowd size, and in the case of the 2021 Chicago Marathon, the weather! Sandy was so fun to talk with...
Published 10/26/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with my long time friend Christy Diegelman. Christy and I have known each other for over 20 years and we are pretty much family! Christy is a Physical Therapy Assistant, mom to 3 awesome young men, and she is an avid runner. She is always in peak physical condition! She is huge into nutrition and she is completely disciplined with her weekly running schedule. This year, however, Christy found herself sidelined after two very serious injuries....
Published 09/02/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I have to privilege to talk with Erin Azar, better known by thousands as "Mrs. Space Cadet!"  Erin started her journey as a runner by recording her one mile runs.  Those one mile runs turned into a lofty goal, the Marathon!  She completed her first marathon virtually due to her race becoming cancelled which was a result of the pandemic.  Her humor is relatable, hysterical, and much needed!!  Erin was recently featured on the Today Show and had a spot on a...
Published 08/24/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Shelly Barney! Shelly is the founder of the Insta Run Club which can be found on InstaGram. Shelly is a wife, mom, pharmacist, and an avid runner. Her passion for running and community naturally came together to create a space where runners from all over, both in the US and beyond, could share their running triumphs and weekend accomplishments! Since the inception of the Insta Run Club, it has grown at a staggering rate and it now has thousands...
Published 07/15/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Isabelle Chiv! Isabelle is a career woman, mom, and a long distance runner who is currently training for her first ultramarathon! Her cross training build up to the ultra is incredibly interesting as she incorporates Cycling, Running, Swimming, Yoga, Kick-boxing, Triathlons, as well as other athletic disciplines. Isabelle shares her story to her ultra build up including all the trail and road miles as well as nutritional insight! Isabelle can...
Published 06/14/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Ash Tremblay and Savannah Holmes. Ash and Sav decided to set their comforts to the side and run 500km, that's 310.7 miles in 8 days raise money that will benefit children in Uganda. Did I mention they will be doing their run barefoot?!! WOW! Today's episode is a powerful testament of what athletes can do to bring awareness and help to those in need. I am so excited for listeners to hear their incredibly selfless story! You can connect with Sav...
Published 06/05/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Brian and Heather Parker! Brian and Heather started running to get healthy and they definitely accomplished that! Their journey to become healthy led to a new found love of running, training, and completing the Myrtle Beach Marathon! Now they are placing in their age group, shattering their PR's, and conquering the daunting distance of 26.2! You can follow Brian and Heather's running journey on instagram @ h_and_b_runamarathon
Published 05/21/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Brian Foster, my husband! Brian is a basketball player, mountain biker, road cyclist, and a marathoner! He has spent the last few years focusing on running PRs and increasing his distances! I hope you enjoy this lighthearted conversation where Brian and I discuss a few of our races over the past three years! If you are looking for a fun, encouraging running group, head over to facebook and join the We Are The Runners Show - Let's Run This...
Published 05/11/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show is talk with Anne Chang! Anne is a marathoner who is currently chasing those 6 stars of the Abbott World Marathon Majors! She is a 1:40 half marathoner and a 3:34 marathoner! Anne is a Saucony Canada Ambassador who is representing them well on Instagram and out in her community of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You can follow Anne on Instagram @ the_running_critic.
Published 04/29/21
On today's episode of the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Tara Logue! If you are a SeaWheeze Half Marathon Alum, you will know Tara! Tara is a distance runner and I think it's safe to say if LuLulemon sponsors a run, Tara will be running it! She is...
Published 04/15/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I have the pleasure of talking with Wendy Larsen!  Wendy is a marathoner several times over, a hand cyclist, a rare disease advocate, and she has a passion for RunDisney!  We talk about her journey as a hand cyclist,...
Published 04/05/21
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Kaitlin Goodman!  Kaitlin is a 4 time Olympic time trials qualifier in three different disciplines - the 5k, the 10k, and twice in the marathon.She received her Olympic Time Qualifier, a 2:32, at the...
Published 03/18/21
On today's episode I have a light hearted conversation with Stacey Kambich and Kristen Andersen, my sisters!We talk about their experiences with triathlons and their journey to start focusing on running!
Published 02/24/21
On this episode of the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Kim Lambert, a new friend I met at the 2020 Marathon Olympic trials in Atlanta, Georgia.  Kim bravely shares her story of being a long distance runner and a stroke survivor.
Published 02/24/21