Today marks the final episode of We Fact Up. It's been a hilarious and fact-filled time spent meandering over some of the deepest of life's quandaries. We've pondered over how to parachute a pig from an airplane, whether ducks would make good fighting animals and if a squirrel is sexy to other squirrels (there were some other things in there too, but we forget most of them). Today is the day that Dave, Redd and Martine finally, after 5 years, conquered the internet. There are no more...
Published 04/21/20
Published 04/21/20
We've got listener calls, helium, rottweilers, danger and a very strange incident involving a woman and her furry friends. DO NOT MISS IT!!  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 02/25/20
You know that moment when you've had one too many beers and thought... yes, this would be a brilliant idea. Well Porky Bickar may have been suffering from that very affliction. In this episode we play the game 'Funny Prank or Fire-able Offence', debate whether a Volcano always needs to go up and learn why Porky Bickar pissed off his entire town.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 02/11/20
A mysterious group that only allows certain dogs entry to its esteemed society or something more sinister? Dave, Redd and Martine learn the secrets of the Pug and Redd goes a little too hard on the poor pups. Plus Kerry-Anne Kennerley learns how to podcast.  DISCLAIMER: No pugs were harmed in the making of this show.  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 01/28/20
Is Martine pretending to be his girlfriend, or is she pretending to be him? We unpack this paradox and delve into Olympic History, debating just what the first Olympic Mascot would have been. And we prove, once and for all, that the We Fact Up Conversation System actually works! Sometimes. Merry Xmas from all of us here at We Fact Up. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 12/03/19
In 1986 something happened in Cleveland that went unnoticed, but it shook the earth to its core and changed the way we view balloons forever. And when you open an umbrella indoors people say it's bad luck but is that just because you might smash a vase, or are the reasons far deeper and more concerning?  See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 11/11/19
Big Brother is back and we learn some of the history behind the show including who Hot Dogs’ secret twin brother was. Not before we talk George Orwell, The Balkan War and why we say ‘to give someone the third degree’. Plus Martine apologises for being a very naughty boy.
Published 10/09/19
It's a hell of a wild episode this time, with our drunk facting special answering questions like - how to survive falling from a great height, how to survive a lightning strike and how to survive a bear attack. Are you sensing a theme? Plus we attempt to solve the case of the disappearing Martine. Where the hell is he and why is he going to buy vagina soap? 
Published 09/25/19
A very strange tree at the end of a news broadcast and a president who decided that the best way to run a country was through the centre of the Earth. So many questions, so little... sense. It would be wise of you to listen as both of the answers may save your life someday. It would be a very weird day, but it could happen. 
Published 09/03/19
Ever blurted out the words willy-nilly and thought to yourself 'what the hell did I just say?' Well wonder no more as we explore both the willy and the nilly-ness of this cryptic saying. Plus we unpack a bat bomb and watch it explode right in our faces. Join us as we play the game in everybody's brain. We Fact Up. 
Published 08/20/19
You get paid it every month but ever wondered why it's called a 'salary'? Plus we discover the deeply disturbing reason why we blow smoke up someone's ass. And let me tell you, it is not what you expect.
Published 08/06/19
The boys are back with fan mail, debates about rissoles and how the hell Martine got himself a new girlfriend. Dave Zwolenski, Matt 'Redd' Peterson and James 'Pink Martini' Blake give you facts like you've never heard them before. 
Published 07/23/19
From the Yule Cat to the Poop Log, leaving your shoes out for Santa and "who is Krampus?" we’re figuring out the Christmas traditions you didn’t even know existed. Plus somehow we’ve managed to get to 100 ridiculous episodes of We Fact Up and that calls for a good ol’ celebration and what better time to celebrate than over a Christmas Poop.
Published 12/04/18
This may seem like a simple saying, but it's origins are anything but. Find out why we say you don't have a leg to stand on, how many pirates would fit in Judge Judy's court and why a three legged argument is better than two.
Published 11/19/18
With Redd (supposedly) on holidays, we're pulling out one of our favourite episodes featuring the hilarious Hamish Blake of the Hamish and Andy powerhouse. He joins us to try to work out why a police officer patrolled with a ventriloquist dummy in San Francisco and drops a few nuggets of insider knowledge of the radio biz along the way. We will resume to new episodes shortly. In the meantime please enjoy this flashback Friday of Hamish Blake on the WFU train. Find us on Instagram @wefactup...
Published 11/01/18
There's been many crazes in the history of human existence. Yo Yos, Hoola Hoops, Human Rights. All of them briefly gracing us with their mundane presence then drifting off into the ether, forgotten about forever. One such craze was fish swallowing which swept through the United States in the 30s. Join us as we ask why, where and when this all took place. Well, not when, it was clearly 1939. But the other stuff. Also fast fact - why do they say Cutie Patootie? Dave Zwolenski - @davezwol Redd...
Published 10/28/18
A very special bonus episode here as Dave managed to weasel his way onto live radio with the Triple M boys Tom & Olly. Martine and Dave give a quick critique of the whole event and decide whether Dave is a Hot Chip or a Cold Crisp, then you can hear the live magic of radio unfold where Dave, Tom and Olly attempt to answer the question of who invented the sandwich, this time with real live audience interaction.
Published 10/15/18
Band name origin stories are always intriguing - who was Hootie in Hootie and the Blowfish? Did Counting Crows literally count them? And was Coldplay always that cold? We do some serious digging to bring you the origins of some of your least liked bands and the stories behind them.
Published 10/10/18
Movie franchises will be knocking down our door for the incredibly lucrative and brilliant ideas for film series' we came up with in this episode. We're talking to you Marvel, Star Wars and (less so) Bond. Time to talk The Red Winged Octopus and why golfing’s greatest enigma is the mystery of the caddy.
Published 09/24/18
Off the back of Serena William's tennis controversy, we have some controversy of our own with Dave calling out an online source's research methods for bone picking. There's tears, there's violence, there's racquet smashing and that's before we even started recording. The origin of not letting the bed bugs bite is discussed and once again Numble the Meat Teletubby makes an appearance to haunt all of our nightmares, and this time he's lost his skin on Contiki.
Published 09/11/18
Know your memes? Well you'll be delighted to know that our very own Martine AJA James AKA Blakey was once a well-known meme known as "weird kid in the tram shirt" and on this episode he divulges all the sordid details on how it came to pass. From being discovered by TheFatJewish Instagram account, to becoming huge in Italy and shared on every meme site from here to the USA, Martine's Meme days are something to behold. Also where did Pie in the Sky kick off and how much pie is in the sky anyway?
Published 09/04/18
When Christian Hull comes to play things go south very quickly! Kyle Sandilands' new tv show Trial by Kyle is discussed, we respond to our first ever Facebook Q&A (without the A) and we debate whether Dean Cain was in the classic 90's TV show "Sliders". Not to mention we learn where jackpot originated and what the Salem Tomato Trials were. ENJOY!
Published 08/27/18
Goat pageants, corn-shephards and the stealing of a sacred goat (could be the follow up to The Killing of a Sacred Deer but it's not). What it is is a miscarriage of justice and one that has been passed down through the ages and now, it just means to annoy someone. But who stole that first goat and why? Plus Operation Mongoose and the failed attempt to overthrow communist cuba.
Published 08/21/18
A rehab facility in USA is now using We Fact Up to help rehabilitate people with brain injuries. This is not a joke. We are as dumbfounded as the next person and to be honest, pretty honoured. In this episode we shout out to the wonderful people listening in the US and attempt to work out why we term people who are crazy 'nuts'. There's a lot of squirrel chat, obviously, and some pretty compelling arguments against nut-farming. Plus, why do we say "to be stumped"?
Published 08/13/18