Battle of Britain Day
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James Holland and Al Murray discuss the events of September 15th, 1940, the date officially named Battle of Britain Day. James digs deep into the data to evaluate the severity of the German attacks and to understand the level of defence mounted by the RAF. To enjoy the weekly We Have Ways livestream join our members club for £6 a month using the link below. Members get free audiobooks, discounts from Waterstones, first chance to book live events, battleground visits and the increasingly infamous Thursday evening live show: A Goalhanger Films production Produced by Harry Lineker  Exec Producer Tony Pastor Twitter: #WeHaveWays @WeHaveWaysPod Email:   See for privacy and opt-out information.
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Close friend of the podcast, historian Joe Ricci, joins Al and James during our Thanksgiving Specials to talk about the unsung heroes of the American War Effort - the US Coastguard. Joe Ricci runs his own history podcast 'Home Brew History'.   See for privacy and opt-out...
Published 11/29/20
Nicholas Moran is one of the world leading experts in tank warfare during the Second World War. He joins Al and James to reveal what he thinks to be the best tank used during the war.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
Published 11/28/20
Bob Persechetti was a radio operator on the USS El Dorado during the Second World War. He was present at Okinawa and the invasion of Iwo Jima. James Holland interviews him as part of our Thanksgiving Specials.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
Published 11/27/20