Preston and James Lavish discuss the horrible US treasury auction and what might be fundamentally causing such perturbations. Additionally, they talk about James' expectation for Bitcoin in 2024 with so much credit impairment looming.
Published 11/29/23
Clay is joined by Brendan Hughes to chat about his new book – Markets in Chaos.
Published 11/26/23
Jeff Booth and Preston talk about their recent experience of training their own AI agents and what it might mean for how AI is employed moving into the near future. The implications are far reaching and also intersect with how and why Bitcoin is so important.
Published 11/22/23
Clay is joined by Nelson Chu to do a deep dive on private credit.
Published 11/19/23
Preston talks with Bitcoin builder and educator, Parker Lewis, about why Bitcoin is NOT a hedge.
Published 11/15/23
William chats with Anthony Kingsley, who oversees more than $10 billion at an investment firm named Findlay Park. Here, he discusses his firm’s surprisingly simple path to exceptional returns.
Published 11/12/23
Clay Finck is joined by co-host Kyle Grieve from The Millennial Investing Podcast to share a stock deep dive on Dino Polska.
Published 11/10/23
Preston talks with Dylan LeClair about all the important Bitcoin news stories happening in the 4th Quarter of 2023.
Published 11/07/23
Stig speaks to Tobias Carlisle and Hari Ramachandra for the Q4 2023 Mastermind episode. They discuss LVMH, Dollar General, and InMode. At the end of the episode, we share information about how you can meet up with our hosts William Green, Clay Finck, and Kyle Grieve in Omaha for the Berkshire shareholder's meeting.
Published 11/05/23
Clay is joined by Shree Viswanathan to discuss his concentrated, patient, and global approach to investing.
Published 11/03/23
Preston talks with members of the Bitcoin mastermind group about all the events happening in the space during the 4Q 2023.
Published 10/31/23
William talks with Chris Davis about the powerful lessons he’s learned from his mentors—Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger—about building financial resilience, learning from mistakes, and much more!
Published 10/29/23
Clay is joined by Sahil Bloom, together they explore the philosophies and frameworks that Sahil has used to build a meaningful life that has impacted hundreds of thousands of people while also staying true to what is truly most important to him.
Published 10/27/23
Preston talks with Lightning Labs' Ryan Gentry about the latest software development that brings stable coins and token issuance to the Bitcoin Lightning Network via the Taproot Asset Protocol.
Published 10/25/23
Clay is joined by Gautam Baid to discuss his new book, The Making of a Value Investor.
Published 10/22/23
Preston talks with Jesse Myers about the FTX court findings, a few of Jesse’s recent articles on the debt spiral, the ability for institutions to perform multi-institutional Bitcoin custody, and much more.
Published 10/18/23
William chats with Peter Keefe, an outstanding investor who’s trounced the market over three decades. Here, Peter discusses his timeless investing principles, what he looks for in a great business, and much more!
Published 10/15/23
Clay is joined by Christian Billinger to discuss his quality investing philosophy.
Published 10/13/23
Preston talks with investment expert and author, Allen Farrington, about how many people believe they participate in completely free and open markets, when in fact they don't. If this idea is true, what implications does it mean for the way they perform economic calculation, and how it might usher in a new age of Bitcoin use.
Published 10/11/23
Stig Brodersen talks with co-host William Green, the author of “Richer, Wiser, Happier.” With a strong focus on kindness, they discuss what has made them Richer, Wiser, or Happier in the past quarter
Published 10/08/23
Clay is joined by Shane Parrish to discuss his New York Times bestselling book Clear Thinking – Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results.
Published 10/06/23
Preston Pysh talks with Daniel Hinton and Steve Jeffress about potentially solving the Bitcoin Oracle Problem with the US Dollar. New research and already released code is able to mark the price of Bitcoin to within global USD value for any given day in the past three to four years. This discovery potentially has exciting implications.
Published 10/04/23
Clay reviews Michael Batnick’s book, Big Mistakes: The Best Investors and Their Worst Investments.
Published 10/01/23
Preston talks with Dr. Peter St. Onge about current macro dynamics and compares and contrasts this to the events experienced by the Roman Empire.
Published 09/27/23