What I learned from Losing my IG account
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I am back on Instagram! Find me @thewealthcodecoach   This week I tell you how being removed from IG for violating community guidelines affected my business.  I let you in on some behind the scenes lessons and tell you how you can avoid losing any money if something like this ever happens to you. There are 5 things being off IG for 3 months allowed for me to realize and I want to share them with you.  I am happy to be back on the platform and am sharing what I plan on doing moving forward to avoid this from ever happening again. Listen in and share with someone you don't want to see get canceled!   Learn More & Apply To Work With Me: Here   Expecting Abundance Meditation: Grab Your Free Meditation Here   Get in Danielle's Vortex:  Website 
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Becoming wealth energy is something that requires an awakening of your highest potential and your true self. To shed the lower frequency states of shadow and conditioned energetics there must be a death of the person we have been and a birth of the person we truly are. There is an inner child...
Published 05/14/22
Using HD and the Gene Keys fast tracks our humanity into a greater intellectual and soulful understanding of what it means to live an awakened, enlightened life. We have been given a road map to our destiny and to not allow this journey to unfold is to slam the door on our Soul’s only dsire...
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