Charging Your Worth
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What does charge your worth even mean? We will be going over all things pricing and charging your worth in this episode. I am going to touch on a few things about your energy that will allow you to see yourself as the powerful capable women you came here to express as and allow you to feel CONFIDENT to charge for your service of gifts and talents. Your energy is a tool to get you what you want, to guide you to the miracles you are looking to create, and something to be honored. When you start to value your energy by creating ways others will benefit by it, you are telling Universal Intelligence that you see how important your gifts and strengths are as well. Your cost of service is a direct reflection of how you value these gifts. Join me to find out where to start and discover when it is time to raise your prices. Allow your pricing to elevate you into the next aspect of yourself.   Learn More & Apply To Work With Me : Here   Expecting Abundance Meditation: Grab Your Free Meditation Here  
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