How to Handle Refunds in Abundance
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Do you know how you would handle a refund request? Do you have policies and procedures in place that dictate how the process would be handled? Maybe you have been quietly running your business in fear of having to deal with refunds. Refund requests come at any stage of business and can really rock your confidence if you don't know how to read the energetics of them. There is an energetic around refunds and in this podcast I will be breaking them down for you. Once you understand what a refund really means and how to handle them, you will no longer be operating your business from a place of worry or fear when they do come in. And they will come in sooner or later. Refunds are a wonderful opportunity to look at what needs to be evaluated in your business for its future success. They allow for you to step into your magnetism in a big way by the way you handle and move through them. Refunds mean you are connecting and impacting energy around you in a big way and offer you an uplevel in that impact. Listen in to discover the most magnetic way to deal with refund requests and never worry about a refund again. Are you ready to find your magnetism in business? Apply to work with me now in my private coaching container. Link in show notes!   Learn More & Apply To Work With Me : Here   Expecting Abundance Meditation: Grab Your Free Meditation Here
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