How to contemplate the Gene Keys to make more money in your business.
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The gene keys are a genetic string of codes that are embedded in your DNA makeup- these codes are designed to evolve themselves through the expression of you. Like it or not, each gene key is looking to learn itself from the shadow to the gift and ultimately to the expression of the siddhi through the vessel that is you. In this podcast I walk you through my process of contemplating the Gene Keys. I use myself as an example and guide you through a Gene Key practice I personally use to show you exactly how you can use this process for yourself NOW. It is time to start owning the frequencies that you carry as your destiny and I show you how. I have used this process over and over to fine tune all aspects of my business and relationship with money. I recommend you take notes for this one and start your own contemplation practice of these Keys. I take my clients through a study of the Gene Keys and we use them in business to help them make money. I can help you do the same. I am accepting one on one clients into my private coaching container- apply to work with me at the link in the show notes.   Want a chance to get coached live on the podcast? Sign up HERE 
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