How to Manage Overwhelm in Business by Energy Type
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This week I am going into the energetic of overwhelm and break down what it actually means to experience overwhelm, what to do with it when you do experience it and give you some things you can do to make steps towards removing it from your life altogether. Because YES- you can remove overwhelm from your life altogether. We’ve been conditioned to sit in the frequency of overwhelm- it isn't our natural state. It is something our minds have become used to experiencing and it produces overwhelm to help you. Listen in to find out how you can manage overwhelm and start making high paying decisions in your business today.   Work With Me : Here   Be a guest on the podcast and get hot seat coached by me! HERE 
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  This week we have Karen on the podcast as a Hot Seat coaching guest.   Karen is a 4 / 6 emotional generator who came to the podcast looking to get help creating an offer to serve her Fractal Line through.   She is a highly intuitive healer who has a desire to take her gifts of intuition,...
Published 06/29/22
This week I give you an inside look at what becoming Wealth Energy looks like. My client Jenna is just one example of how following your authority pays off BIG. In order to become something you haven't ever experienced, you must make commitments and decisions you have never made. Finding the...
Published 06/25/22