Trust your Falls
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Using HD and the Gene Keys fast tracks our humanity into a greater intellectual and soulful understanding of what it means to live an awakened, enlightened life. We have been given a road map to our destiny and to not allow this journey to unfold is to slam the door on our Soul’s only dsire which is to move towards the expression of more life. However the HD and Gene Key experiment and study can feel hard, scary, like uncharted waters, and overwhelming when you realize you have to walk into shadows of yourself and stare them straight in the face. It can feel like you are totally alone. But you are not- you have an essence that is bigger than you and it is trying to guide you and it can only guide you effectively when you trust it. Listen in as I tell you how to trust the energy that is you and sit in the frequency of wealth consistently. Your money is waiting for you behind your next trust fall.   Work With Me : Here   Be a guest on the podcast and get hot seat coached by me! HERE 
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  This week we have Karen on the podcast as a Hot Seat coaching guest.   Karen is a 4 / 6 emotional generator who came to the podcast looking to get help creating an offer to serve her Fractal Line through.   She is a highly intuitive healer who has a desire to take her gifts of intuition,...
Published 06/29/22
This week I give you an inside look at what becoming Wealth Energy looks like. My client Jenna is just one example of how following your authority pays off BIG. In order to become something you haven't ever experienced, you must make commitments and decisions you have never made. Finding the...
Published 06/25/22