HSC EP#1 Karen - 4/6 Emotional Generator
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  This week we have Karen on the podcast as a Hot Seat coaching guest.   Karen is a 4 / 6 emotional generator who came to the podcast looking to get help creating an offer to serve her Fractal Line through.   She is a highly intuitive healer who has a desire to take her gifts of intuition, astrology and energy work into a coaching business.   She found herself stuck in the preparing phase of her business launch for 3 years and got ont he call with me to get some guidance on how she could start taking action .   Once of the gifts I bring to my clients is the gift of intuitive channeling. I am able to channel the subconscious of those who connect with me.  For Karen I was able to get to the real issue behind her keeping her business a hobby for so long.   We cover a lot in this episode- in 30 minutes I help Karen to create an offer, we price that offer and we address her confidence around serving her Fractal Line with the help they need. Create quantum business success with us in the following ways:   The Quantum Sales Page Solution  Create a sales page that attracts your empowered Fractal Line clients   4 Hour VIP Day- (by Application only)  4 hours and a Lifetime of support. Kickstart your magnetic energy by plugging into our brand magnetism. Perfect for those who want to learn the Wealth Codes and are immediate action takers. Get access to the whole team and lifetime email support.   Private Coaching (by Application only) For those looking to embody Wealth Energy in life and business. Danielle acts as a channel to your Higher Self and guides you in business and life according to your Authority. This is how you create a dependable relationship with your Soul.   Use the code “DanielleEyman1-20” to get 20% off your first order of Feel Free!   
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