Deleting Doubt: The Spiritual Path to Confidence
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How badly would you like to overcome the doubts and insecurities that hold you back in life? Explore practical tips and and techniques for boosting self-confidence and trusting in one's own abilities. From journaling and meditation to visualization and setting positive affirmations, this episode offers a range of strategies for deleting doubt and embracing a more positive and confident mindset. Join us for the next Weekly Energy Boost with @ElishevaBalas and special guest @Batya_Solomon. Watch LIVE Mondays at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET on The Kabbalah Centre YouTube or catch the latest episode wherever you listen to podcasts. Visit us at to connect with the people we’re talking with and things we’re talking about. Help make Weekly Energy Boost possible by making a tax-deductible contribution at
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You asked, we answer! This episode is dedicated to what our listeners want to know about Kabbalstic practices and principles. From the concept of tzimtzum and the tree of life, to the belief in reincarnation and the importance of tikkun, our conversation offers a wealth of knowledge and insights...
Published 03/20/23
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Published 03/13/23
Published 03/13/23