Loving Others
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The idea of “love” is often misunderstood. Simply loving someone is very different than loving them for what they do for us or how they make us feel. This week we’ll explore the true meaning of love and how loving others is fundamental to our physical and spiritual wellbeing. Join us for the next episode of the Weekly Energy Boost with @ElishevaBalas and @DavidGhiyam. Watch LIVE Mondays at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET on The Kabbalah Centre – YouTube or catch the latest episode wherever you listen to podcasts.
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Food is energy that fuels our body, mind, and soul. Different types of foods have different energetic vibrations, and it’s important to know what we are lacking so we can “feed” ourselves with that energy. This week we’ll share how to tap into the spiritual energy within our food and use it to...
Published 07/20/21
Food is a basic need for survival, but we eat for many other reasons. This week we explore all the ways we use food to fulfill our desires – to relieve stress, to cope with guilt, to feel satisfied – and the issues related to this type of unconscious eating. Chef Elia Herrera will join us to talk...
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Hidden for thousands of years, the ancient spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah is now accessible to millions of people around the globe. But why now? This week we'll share how these powerful teachings can help us find meaning and purpose in our lives – giving us the strength to face adversity and create...
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