Weekly Skews 8/09/22 – The Raid
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Tonight Senior Good Buddy Corey Ryan Forrester rejoins the show! He and I will be talking about, what else, THE RAID, and the almost comically insane response to it thus far. (Fret not, Smart Mark is fine and will be back next week.) Join us!
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Published 09/28/22
With the January 6 Committee season finale on the horizon, we’ll get into what we expect from it. More bombshells? Any actual consequences? We don't rightly know but by god will we ever speculate. Join us.  Support the show
Published 09/28/22
Tonight we will be discussing the hot new pursuit of ambitious GOP governors: human trafficking! I.e. Abbott and DeSantis using desperate people as pawns in a political stunt. We got a lot more too, so join us.  Support the show
Published 09/21/22