Weekly Skews 9/27/22 – J6 Committee Finale
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With the January 6 Committee season finale on the horizon, we’ll get into what we expect from it. More bombshells? Any actual consequences? We don't rightly know but by god will we ever speculate. Join us.  Support the show
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Once again the eyes of the nation are on Georgia. Will smooshbrain Herschel Walker finally be vanquished, or is hope well and truly dead? Only time will tell, but we'll surely opine upon the matter, so join us.  Support the show
Published 12/07/22
Once again we're talking the plight of the working man as a looming rail strike threatens the US economy, or, more accurately, as Big Train threatens to cripple the economy instead of allowing their workers one day of paid sick leave. Join us! Support the show
Published 11/30/22
Published 11/30/22