#4 - Nutrition 101 for Training and Fat Loss
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Today Robert and Trent demystify the nuts and bolts of nutrition for productive training, fat loss, and health.
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Let's be real. Most people come to the gym so they can look better naked. For many people -- the so-called "skinny fat" demographic -- that's going to mean gaining muscle mass to improve their figure and lower their body fat percentage. For others that are legitimately overweight or obese, a BMI...
Published 07/23/21
Robert Santana and Trent Jones are no strangers to the DIY concept, and embrace the idea of learning and trying things for yourself. With any DIY endeavor, however, you're going to encounter a fair amount of mistakes and setbacks in the process of learning a new skill. Fitness is no exception,...
Published 07/09/21
Robert and Trent discuss the role of the back and the trunk musculature in lifting weights and in developing a good physique. As Robert says to all his clients, "your back is never off the clock!" The back and trunk (or core as many people are fond of calling it nowadays) comprise a large part of...
Published 06/25/21