203: Fluffer
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Welcome back to our show! Hannah and Lamorne are holding down the fort while Zooey is out making another amazing movie. Hear about the time Hannah was mistaken for Kim Kardashian by the paparazzi, how Lamorne reacted to his ex being an extra on New Girl, and Hannah's unrequited friend love. Follow us on Instagram @welcometoourshowpod. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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Welcome back to our show! Hannah and Lamorne are reunited to talk Irish goodbyes in a Christmas-y party episode. They discuss everyone's approach to handling the Dump Fantasy and the ever controversial topic of if Santa is real? Plus, Hannah and Lamorne discuss their first fight! Follow us on...
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Welcome back to our show! We're missing the very cute and SO strong Lamorne this week. But Hannah and Zooey are here to break down an episode that swings widely between broad tub humor and a tender tale of failed love. They draw sides on the tub or shower debate, discuss how Hannah felt about...
Published 05/15/23