"We're Momming Today" with Jessie Bradica, a mother of three and founder of North Penn Stronger Together, a group representing parents in the North Penn school district in Pennsylvania. Bradica is outraged by inappropriate reading lists, CRT taught in elementary classes and now, the taped masking of a boy in middle school.  
Published 01/22/22
"We're Momming Today" with racing star, philanthropist, and mom of four Renee Brinkerhoff. Brinkerhoff just competed the 356-mile trek on the treacherous blue ice of Antarctica in her vintage Porsche 356A, making her the first woman to race all seven continents. And she did so in the same car, which is the same age she is. Neither are stopping anytime soon, and she tells us why!
Published 01/15/22
“We’re Momming Today” with Nancy Griffin, organizer of the Chicago Parents Collective and mom of three.  Griffin spearheaded the first-ever space dedicated to parents helping to ensure their kids’ best education is in person, as Chicago public schools close when unionized teachers refuse to show up. 
Published 01/08/22
“We’re Momming Today” with Michelle Brownstein, a mom and VP at Personal Capital, about the “new” New Year’s resolution. It’s not getting physically fit, but financially fit! Brownstein has tips on how moms can save more, spend less, and look and feel good while doing it in 2021.
Published 01/01/22
"We're Momming Today" with Christa Pitts, co-creator of The Elf on the Shelf, along with her twin sister and mother. The trio launched The Elf on the Shelf book and brand 16 years ago and has now branched into food, theater and television. They did it with their own money and talent, after being turned down by every single publisher. Their inspirational story... Plus new ways to find magic in the Season.
Published 12/25/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Sara Forhetz with Convoy of Hope, a non-profit that’s just released a holiday gift catalog which includes sewing machines, restaurant equipment, even personal hygiene kits to help women in the developed world start their own businesses and support their families.
Published 12/18/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Brain Health Specialist Dr. Teralyn Sell about managing holiday stress. She shares her tips and reminds us that sometimes the most effective solution is simply saying “no.”
Published 12/11/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Dr. Nicole Saphier about the Omicron variant of COVID-19, what we know about vaccinating young children, and how to go about unmasking kids in school.
Published 12/04/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Debi Yadegari, mom of five and CEO of Villyge, a benefit for working parents. Debi examines why more than two million women left the workforce last year and what can be done to bring them back.
Published 11/27/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Dr. Laura Berman and Sam Chapman, whose 16-year-old son, Sammy, died in 2020 after buying pills on Snapchat that were laced with Fentanyl. Their pain and suffering has turned into activism as they share their fight to hold social media companies accountable and change parental monitoring and other settings on the platforms that have been criticized for protecting drug dealers and enabling illegal (and deadly) drug use.
Published 11/20/21
"We’re Momming Today" with Jen Peters, a mom of three, and former nurse in San Diego, California, whose recent resignation on social media went viral.  Peters wrote: "These shoes were on my feet and this badge was clipped to my chest as I walked into the hospital for my very first shift as a brand new nurse 12 years ago…But this week these shoes and this badge were retired, not by choice but because I refused to get a new vaccine while breastfeeding the baby I suffered 4 miscarriages &...
Published 11/13/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Jennifer Silva, Veteran and Chief Program Officer of the Wounded Warrior Project. Women are the fastest growing population of the U.S. military.  Jennifer talks about how we can help and support women soldiers, as well as military mothers; in fact, two of Jennifer’s three children currently serve.
Published 11/06/21
We're Momming Today with Angela Girol, a teacher, in fact, the recipient of the Teacher of the Year awards for elementary school. Angela taught fully remote all of last year, 76 students full time across three different schools, while having three kids of her own. She shares her award-winning teaching style and how she stayed sane in the process.
Published 10/30/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Doug Parisi, a former police captain, current Director of Training at Safe Defend, and father of three. Parisi shares the best and safest ways to take the kids trick-or-treating without taking out the fun. Plus, how to get them to not stomp all over your landscaping AND share their candy.
Published 10/23/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Stacey Lanham, recently diagnosed with and currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Stacey is an executive at Ford and part of their Warriors in Pink program, which has raised almost $140 million to date. She talks about the support system women need to get them through their battle and more.
Published 10/16/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Marc Berkman, a father and CEO of the Organization for Social Media Safety on how social media can be addictive, even deadly, and how parents can keep their kids safe on it.
Published 10/09/21
"We’re Momming Today” with Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder, President, and Chief Product Officer of Baked By Melissa. Ben-Ishay may head up a cupcake company, but as a mom of two, she knows how to get kids to eat healthy.  She shares her recipes and her story: how getting fired from a job catapulted her baking empire from her tiny Manhattan apartment into a national brand that offers everything from bite-sized cupcakes to macaroons and school-safe treats!
Published 10/02/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Scarlet Batchelor, chief marketing officer of Liteboxer, a subscription-based full-body workout that brings the sights and sounds of the gym to your house. Batchelor talks about how she uses ‘work’ and working out to keep up with her three kids, their schedules, and find time for herself.
Published 09/25/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Kelley DeConciliis, an exfiltration expert working to get hundreds of students and their families out of Afghanistan. Kelley is COO of a women-owned security company and mom of three young children. She survived a stroke that left her partially blind at the age of 36. She shares her story.
Published 09/18/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Sara Wingerath-Schlanger, on this 20th anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks. 3,051 children lost a parent that day. 1,609 Americans lost a spouse. Sara is a Senior Program Director at Tuesday’s Children, an organization that helps families that have suffered from terrorism and mass violence. She tells their stories.
Published 09/11/21
When Ashley Bisman was 16, her father Jeff Goldflam worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 101st floor of the World Trade Center's Tower 1. On September 11, 2001 while in her high school history class, news started spreading of the terror attacks at the WTC, and instinctively she knew she would never see her father again. Now a mother of two, Ashley has released "Chasing Butterflies," a love letter to her dad about how their bond still beautifully weaves its way through the fabric of her life.
Published 09/04/21
“We’re Momming Today” with authors Cheryl Miller and Dr. Shannon Deer about their work transitioning women from jail, addiction, poverty, and the sex trade to become business leaders and entrepreneurs. All it takes is a little money and a lot of faith.  Their book, “Business Doing Good: Engaging Women and Elevating Communities,” recounts touching stories of risk and resilience to achieve ultimate success.
Published 08/28/21
“We’re Momming Today” with dad and doctor, Matt McCarthy, also author of “Superbugs: The Race to Stop an Epidemic,” about vaccinating children. Dr. McCarthy argues that vaccination not only prevents hospitalizations, but it also keeps schools open, as more than 5,500 students are isolating in and around Tampa, FL because of potential COVID-19 exposure.
Published 08/21/21
“We’re Momming Today” with Nicole Solas, a mom in Rhode Island who tried to get answers from her child's school principal about the class curriculum when it came to race and gender. At first she was silenced. Then she was sued. How she’s fighting back may surprise you.
Published 08/14/21